About Us

Grace of Art Gallerie is a unique art-gallery, We specialize in creating designs and prints from the original artwork for women, men, children's apparel and accessories,home decor',stationary, promotional products, and pet products. All prints are owned and painted by Bernette D. Carter-Wright. 


We current accept special orders for fit our customers , needed for any occasions, clothing style, home,office and and for your pets.  If you don't see a product on our site, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We have over 2000 products that are available for your unique style.  We also do business with hotels, resorts, stores of all kind and service businesses are all welcome.  We can design products with our existing prints and future prints fit any and every style.

 Enjoy shopping on Graceofartgallerie.com and THANK YOU FOR SUPPORT! 

About Us

Grace of Art Gallerie’ is one of the most unique art gallerie that manufacture and sells original artwork designs on high-quality household decor' products,apparel for (women, men, baby, and teens), and accessories also offer exceptional values on an extensive selection of high-quality furniture, area rugs and accessories, to setup or decorate your home, businesses,even items for your pets.
Since 1980, Bernette D. Carter-Wright artwork pieces have been sold and display in schools, private homes in Connecticut, to downtown business district in Greensboro, NC and New York City within the Artist district which allows local artists to display their art on consignment and feature their artwork pieces to the community to show their talents and also for purchase. We are dedicated to give our clients the best customer service with a mall-like experience with the eye and quality to detail on our website .
Coming Soon! GOAG will be offering new promotions and discounts on selected items, homes and business services, live auctions, painting shows and products review opportunities just to name a few. As part of our new changes will be upgrading our website to improve the experience for our clients. Thank you for shopping at Graceofartgallerie.com


Grace of Art Gallerie’ was started in 1988 by the artist,owner and founder Bernette D. Carter-Wright. She is a self taught artist who started drawing and printing when she was only eight years old. Bernette first started drawing dinosaurs and horses and then moved on to Greek mythology, Medusa, Antheia and Heracles; favorite was Pegasus. graceofartgallerie.com features a range home decor' products, to apparel catalog of merchandise plus many online-exclusive products. Bernette has been through a lot in life which shows in her artwork, pieces that represents some of her journey in her life and her experiences. Bernette has a passion to create and solve problems with her skill-sets and life experiences to build a brand that allow anyone and/or businesses to express themselves as the uniqueness within themselves.

The Artist
In 1998 Bernette attended Brook-stone College of Business and there she received a dual associates degree in Medical and Health Office Technology and Administration Software Specialist. After she graduated she gained knowledge in both degrees while working for BB&T International Bank as an office manager, and working for one of the largest mobile home mortgage companies in the Human Resources Department as a 401K benefits coordinator. Bernette worked very hard to gain respect and a genuine rapport with everyone that she come in touch with in her work experience. Bernette pursue her BS degree in May of 2016 Bernette graduated from North Carolina Agricultural Technical University majoring in Supply Chain Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship. While attending Bernette had to opportunity to receive a Six Sigma Green Belt and a Right-A-Way Agent Certificate. Bernette graduated with
she participated in the Entrepreneurship Club, while attending she has serve all positions within the club from VP Marketer to VP President and she is known as the problem solvers and "The Student With The Good Ideals". Go Aggies!!

Grace of Art Gallerie’- where the grace, value and unique selection comes home!


We have research for the best high quality products for the very best selection of home decor. Through strong relationships with factories in the United States and abroad and volume purchasing, we are able to keep our costs low and pass terrific savings along to you.
We offer a wide range of pillows, curtains, bath room items,area rugs, women, men, baby, teens apparel, accessories,even pet accessories scarves, and bags and products for almost any room in your home and office. Within each category, you will find numerous options for you to choose from. That way, we make it easy for you to find the style, size, prints, and color that suit your personal space and your personality.


We are committed to making decorating your home easy, affordable and fun. Ordering is a self-expression experience with our easy-to-follow online site. We also offer a custom design section allow our return clients a preferred-customer program called GOAG Loyalty program which allows the clients to setup a custom wish-list to be added to their profile page. This page allows the client to select and customize their designs to fit their decoration ideas and for a same fee will allow client to personalize some items. And to add value and show our appreciation for shopping with us we also offers faster shipping and delivery upgrade options, so you can enjoy your selection at home even sooner.

So whether you shop by website or visit our local galleries , pop-stores and flea markets located within the USA. you can be sure you will always find top-quality merchandise for your home at the very best prices.

We support people of short stature, missing limbs, veterans, women and black owned businesses. We will start a blog that will show upcoming artwork in the stages to show our customers who, what and why the art was created. We will soon offer appointments for designing to your home, office,indoor and outdoor spaces.

Thank you for shopping on graceofartgallerie.com